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Rainbow(China) Standard Components Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2006. Rainbow provides global JIS, DIN, AISI and so on standard mould parts, special custom-built mould components and solution for global plastic mould master. We integrate manufacturing, R&D and selling of global Standard mould parts, such as Ejector Series (pins, sleeves, two-stage ejector pins etc.), Slide Core Units, Latch locks, Locating Series, Date Stamps, Slide Retainers, Cooling Series and mould counter etc.


We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of commodities and services. With more than 10 years of experiences, 6 manufacturing plants, a strong professional team in global Standard mould parts market and a deep insight into customers’ requirements, we have the competition, capability to serve you.



Our product line includes:
1.Ejector pins, ejector sleeves  
2.Slide retainers 
 3.Latch locks,
4.Pouring gate 
5. Date Stamps, Air valves
6.Hot runner
7.Cooling elements 8.Locating parts
10. Guide pins, guide bushes
11.  Guide stripes, Wear plate
12.Electrodes and Chucks
13.Customized standard parts
14. Non-standard components.