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P20 steel high precision hardness plastic mould part
P20 steel high precision hardness plastic mould part
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The important features of P20 steel material:

P20 is a pre-hardened plastic mold steel grade in USA standard. It is widely used in China, factory hardness HRC30 ~ 42, applicable to large and medium-sized precision molds, and for large mould base. This steel has good machinability and can be polished. P20is applicable to the TV front shell, telephone, drinking fountains, vacuum cleaners and other plastic mold and mold base. P20 Applicable to thermoplastic injection mold, extrusion moulds. P20 is suitable for making Thermoplastic blow molds and also for heavy duty Die Main Parts, and Cold structural parts. P20 steel is commonly used in the manufacture of TV shell, washing machine, refrigerator shell, bucket mould.

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